I have never felt so much better ….

“I have never felt so much better for what Refuge has done for me. My Advocate suits her job and has a beautiful nature about her which gave me the inspiration to so something like this as I was never a woman to do anything like this before. I am so glad and happy that I finally did something about it. Thank you to Refuge for doing all this for me. I recommend you to any woman that goes through the same thing as me. All they gotta do is do it!” – Jenny

So much was going on at that time…

Last year 119 women and children needed the protection of our Safe House for a total of more than 1300 nights. In the first three quarters of 2013 year, we have already provided warm and safety to 107 women and children for a total of more than 3400 nights. Others just need a little support and information to empower them to create their own safe place for themselves and their children. Participating in our women’s and children’s education and support programmes provides an additional layer of on-going support and reinforcement of the changes they are making in their lives. Last

Measuring Success

Success is often hard to measure in the domestic violence world. What may seem like a very insignificant action for someone not experiencing abuse can be a life changing moment for a woman living with violence. Simply phoning the Women’s Refuge crisis line or the Police for the first time is a massive step for many of the women we work with and one that must be celebrated. Last year, Palmerston North Women’s Refuge received 1174 calls on our crisis line. Many talked to us about having been told repeatedly that no-one will believe them, that they are mad, or