So much was going on at that time…

Last year 119 women and children needed the protection of our Safe House for a total of more than 1300 nights. In the first three quarters of 2013 year, we have already provided warm and safety to 107 women and children for a total of more than 3400 nights.

Others just need a little support and information to empower them to create their own safe place for themselves and their children. Participating in our women’s and children’s education and support programmes provides an additional layer of on-going support and reinforcement of the changes they are making in their lives. Last year Palmerston North Women’s Refuge Advocates provided intensive community support to more than 250 women, helping them to access financial support, housing, legal services and medical help at what is often a difficult and confusing time in their lives. Over that same year, approximately 60 women and 40 children graduated from our education and support programmes, with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

“So much was going on at that time. I think I was numb and maybe a bit lost about what to do. It was good to be given some help in the right direction. I know I couldn’t have done it by myself. Refuge made me feel safe around what I was doing”

– Aroha


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